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Dedicated to Health

My big work-out kit! One set of 2 1/2 # hand weights. A four inch step bench. Stretchy exercise band. A timer. MP3 player and headphones. I’m revved!

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April 18, 2012

stressing out over coffee

Today I had a close call with coffee. I started playing the old mind games again. I was going to have just one cup of coffee, just one, and then I found myself thinking, well, I could have one today, it’s a Wednesday, so… I’ll just set it up (in my mind) that I will only have coffee on Wednesdays. But Sundays would be a good day to have coffee too, so I’ll just have coffee on Wednesdays and Sundays. That would be good… and then I stopped myself right there, in mid-thought, and said, “Enough. That’s enough. You know this game too well, and you know where it leads. Remember, it isn’t what you do, it’s what you think, and if you follow through with that kind of thinking you are dooming yourself!” I didn’t want to doom myself, so I made a green drink and then sat down and wrote this. Man, this food stuff can be tricky sometimes. I think I will call this my pre-acidic thinking. When I start to think like this, there is too much junk penetrating my system, too much stuff that has to be filtered out so I don’t fall back into that same hole. Why does that hole call to me so?

PS: Footnote: I want to say that coffee isn’t necessarily bad, though too much of coffee can be acidic to your system; I just want to say, that coffee takes hold of me, (or, I let it take hold of me) and once that happens, I’m like an alcoholic who can’t stop drinking whiskey. For me, coffee leads to a way that begins to include coffee creamer (I always tell everyone I like a little coffee with my creamer, and creamer is filled with sugar,  and fructose, highly acidic, and then I am adding cookies and donuts dunked in coffee, sitting and drinking multiple  cups, which boils down to way too many cups of coffee, and at first I’ll have a cup of coffee once a day, and then mid-morning, and then with lunch and then afternoon, and then every day and every day and every day. I do much better if I just don’t drink coffee at all and put an end to the games I have learned to play regarding coffee. We won’t talk about the size of the cup…

April 13, 2012

My eating hasn’t been so appropriate.  I have been having too many zig-zag days in a row! I am back to only walking, but still walking the 45 minutes as the weather has been so accommodating! I have been listening to inspirational and motivational tapes on my MP3 player while I walk. I never knew I could be so entertained while walking! My shoulder is healing and doesn’t hinder me so much in my exercise choices. I am good at buying good-for-me alkalizing foods when I shop. The foods are simple and so easy to cook. They are fresh and I have discovered that fresh food tastes REALLY GOOD! (Who knew? After years of experimenting with various boxed and bagged foods.)

PS: I am sad today. I learned that we owe $6000 in income tax. Life seems so harsh sometimes.

March 27, 2012

Today is the last entry for the month. I have been documenting my progress towards better health for one month. I am amazed at the things I’ve learned (re-learned) about alkalizing. The difference this time is that I ‘applied’ the information to make changes in my life. I learned about zig-zagging, which means you don’t have to be so gosh-darn strict that you strangle yourself with having to be alkaline, that you have opportunities to enjoy things you’ve always enjoyed (what changes though, are the things you actually enjoy once you learn about and begin to apply techniques that lead to changing behavior). I’ve learned that I can change the pH of my body by eating foods that are more alkaline. I have learned that alkaline foods have a taste and flavor that I never realized before (I think because I was so acidic, any alkaline foods I tried eating tasted terrible!). I have learned that I can eat A LOT of food and not gain weight. (One day while washing the dishes, my pants fell right off my body!)I haven’t weighed myself, but I have gone down one pant size.

I learned that I can get up earlier to exercise and it not only frees up my time, but it frees my mind to focus on other things and I don’t worry about fitting in exercise for the day because it’s already done. I have opportunities to include various kinds of exercise so I don’t get ‘bored’ with my routine. I have no excuse to keep me from exercising in some fashion (when I started keeping this record I had a dislocated shoulder!) and I actually enjoy varying my exercise routines to accommodate not only my hectic schedule, but also the weather.

I learned that with massive action come decisions that involve levels of resolve I didn’t know existed. Giving up coffee this time was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. (and I can count at least 10 times in my life when I’ve tried to give up coffee, and almost every time it was a painful experience.) Giving up alcohol was easy also. Giving up sugar, not as easy as I thought, and cheese… well, let’s just say I just love to have some cheese sometimes, but I figure the worry I have over not having cheese creates a more acidic environment (an acidic system can be created when you have high levels of stressful emotions even if you eat alkaline foods) that actually eating the cheese created less stress! I found I do not miss sugar as much as I thought. I learned that flour with yeast is addictive for me, and I can handle flour without yeast (tortillas) and yeast without flour (Ezekiel sprouted breads contain no flour, but they do contain yeast). Fixing alkaline foods is quick and easy, even without a microwave to heat things up. Clean up is a cinch because I use no oil in cooking, and the pans just rinse themselves clean (makes me wonder what the inside of my body is beginning to look like if the pan comes out that clean!)

I have found an inner happiness I didn’t know existed. I am so happy that I did this! I hope you learn something from my posts so you to can enjoy success as you proceed to better health.

March 26, 2012

Today I went farther even than the other day. This is good. This is very good. Only one more day of posting and that will be my record for the month when I began. You can see my enthusiasm has waned a bit, in my posts. I think that is because I am settling into a pattern, because I am creating new habits.

March 25, 2012

The fog was so thick I could hardly see where I was going when I started out on my walk, but by the time I reached the top of the hill, the sun had burned it away. I walked down to the power station, something I had wanted to do ever since I moved to the house I live in now (12 years ago!) Who knew it would take that long to go to a place I had always wanted to go?! ( I think there is metaphor lurking here!)

March 24, 2012

Today I walked farther than I have walked before. I am so glad about that! The eating wasn’t so on track – I don’t know what was going on with that. Some frustration? Will see what tomorrow brings.

March 23, 2012

It was raining out this morning so I started out doing my work-out on my step bench, but then I got the urge to go outside and lo and behold! It had stopped raining. I did my whole work-out outside for the remaining 40 minutes. As soon as I came in the house it started raining again. The other alternative is to buy a rain coat so it doesn’t matter if it’s raining out. :o )

March 22, 2012

Ended up walking the whole 45 minutes again. I never thought I would say I enjoyed that. Was feeling a little off my game regarding eating, but I am spot on with the exercise.

March 21, 2012 First Day of Spring!

Starting the day off with unexpected occurrences. My phone alarm didn’t go off (again – I forgot to turn it on!) Then my son called while I was walking and I talked the whole time and forgot to turn on my timer so I ended up walking for more than 45 minutes. Saw the sunrise. Day is warm. Air smelled like manure ( I had to actually cover my nose with my jacket it was so strong!). The birds were singing. I wonder what the day will bring.

March 20, 2012

Today I decided to mix things up for the week. I’m doing 25 minutes of outdoor aerobic and then coming in to do 15 minutes of strength training and five minutes of stretching. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I have this plan and it includes variety so I don’t get bored. I think that was part of my problem in previous years. I would do an exercise until I just couldn’t stand doing it anymore, and then when I got bored, instead of changing it up (because doing a different exercise was not in the plan, thus not part of my belief for success) I would quit. I carried with me the attitude, “If I can’t do it the way I started it, then I won’t do it at all.” I’m pretty sure I bought into this way of thinking when my grandmother sold me on the idea. Changing your thinking when this happens is crucial, which is why I decided to mix things up a bit.

March 19, 2012

I took a shorter walk this morning. We were packing up to go and I didn’t have time to fit in my 45 minute walk before we left, so I did a shorter walk. I decided shorter was better than nothing and I felt good about what I did. Wasn’t very hungry all day, but in the evening, I could tell that I hadn’t eaten enough during the day.

March 18, 2012

Same thing going on as yesterday. I ate my grapefruit, drank some green drink 20 minutes later and then went for a 45 minute walk, but I fell in a hole where the water was going under the snow and I shut off my timer when  fell (must have hit the stop button while it was in my pocket) so I don’t know how many minutes I walked. Then Butch wanted to go to the beach at Eagle River. We looked at the waterfall from the bridge (Awesome! There is so much snow melting so fast because the weather has been unseasonably warm!) and then we walked on the beach as far as we could until we came to a spot where a river had developed up along the beach flowing out into the big lake and we couldn’t get through. Huge chunks of beach sand were caving off into the new river and it wasn’t safe to walk there, but of course we had to go as close to the edge as we could and test it.

March 17, 2012

Went for a walk along the old rail road bed. The scenery here is just absolutely gorgeous and the temperature was in the high 60s. I wore my coat so I could rest my hand in my pocket to keep my shoulder elevated so it didn’t drag. But I was able to walk for the whole 45 minutes and then I did a stretch at the end.

March 16, 2012

Everything went very smooth this morning, I think I have already settled into a morning exercise routine that works for me. I have various things I can do. Various things I like to do. There are no longer any excuses for me not to do this. Even with my shoulder, I have figured out a way to keep going instead of focusing on all the reasons why I can’t or couldn’t keep going. This is something I have wanted since I was in high school and was never able to obtain. I was in high school in

adjustable anti-gravity chair

March 15, 2012

Last night went well, on my zig-zag day. I had two beers and three small pieces of pizza. I don’t remember eating the pizza because I was so busy with my hostess duties, and the first beer was good, but the second, again, too busy to remember much. I wasn’t tired or dogged down, which is still amazing to me. I went on my walk this morning, there was a beautiful fog hanging just above the road. My alarm went off as planned. I even slept well, better than the last two weeks, but I have been sleeping in my anti-gravity adjustable lounge chair. What a difference it has made for my shoulder. This morning I made the most wonderful green drink I’ve had so far in all my experimentation. This is the recipe.

2 large sprigs of kale

1 handful of fresh parsley

¼ chopped red bell pepper

1 stalk celery

½ large cucumber with peel

2 T. fresh lemon juice

¼ t. each baking soda and salt

1 t. wheat grass powder

1 small slice of fresh ginger

2 cups water

This was one smooth drink!

March 14, 2012

I am getting better at not getting upset about things. Somehow I turned my cellphone to silence and when the alarm went off I didn’t hear it so I got a late start. But in the end, it didn’t matter. I was still able to get in a 45 minute walk on this beautiful morning and was ready for work by 8:00 a.m. without having to sacrifice any of my exercise time. I am adjusting fairly well to the time change (it is something I have fought with for ages and it usually wins – my body says one thing and the clock says another). Eating is going well. I’m a little apprehensive as today is what they call a zig-zag day. I have my poetry meeting tonight which means beer and pizza. I haven’t had any food like that for over a week, and am wondering if it will be a setback. I don’t know why it should be. If I want to, I can get right back on the alkaline track tomorrow. Why do I worry about stuff like that? I have this new knowledge and I intend to spend the rest of my life figuring out ways to use that knowledge to my alkalizing benefit.

March 13, 2012

It’s been two weeks of exercising and I decided to change it up a bit. The weather was so nice I went for a 45 minute walk this morning. Worked up a real nice sweat, and even had time to spare this morning.

guacamole ingredients

The eating is going very well. I made guacamole (Yum!) and

Green Bean and Pea Soup

Green Bean and Pea Soup (double Yum!). I experimented in the afternoon by having two grapefruits instead of one. They were so good! I love not having to count things and measure stuff. I just pour until it feels right!

March 12, 2012

Exercise was the last thing I wanted to do today. But I did it anyway.

As far as the food goes, I am going off the cleanse after six days and will start eating more normally, following the food combining theory of not combining proteins and carbs and will see how that goes as I continue to super-hydrate with my green drinks.

March 11, 2012

Today I am adding in more normal foods, like chicken and eggs. Not a lot, but some. I miss them. I had a wonderful two-egg omelet this morning along with my green drink. I added a small bit of fresh ginger to the mix and it added a nice new flavor to the drink, a flavor I found I liked very much. It is so nice not to be hungry all the time, though it seems I’m eating or drinking something constantly, but time is different now. Brighter somehow.

My exercise went well, though I’m still struggling a bit with my shoulder. Another trip to the chiropractor might be in order. It was nice to do my work-out outside this morning. The weather is fabulous for working-out outside!

Note: Later in the day. I decided today was going to be a detour day. I believe detour days are not only allow-able, but necessary where you eat what could be construed as a ‘forbidden food’ so you don’t sabotage your own success, sabotage what you’ve accomplished so far. A detour day is not ever associated as cheating, because that would make you feel bad, but instead it is looked upon as an award won for a goal accomplished by the good choices you made during the week.

March 10, 2012

Is it possible that the skin on my face is feeling softer? If not my face, then it must be my hands feel softer. Or maybe it’s both? This is absolutely wonderfully ridiculous, if that is all a person has to do to have softer skin is alkalize.

Work-out went very well today. Smooth as pie.

Note: Later in the day. Maybe a little more than you need to know, but I’m on a mission of truth at any cost, even one of embarrassment, but I think it is necessary information for anyone who might attempt alkalizing. I passed three gallstones. I had no idea going alkaline would offer that kind of surprise! That explains the occasional pain in my right side.

One of my favorite meals:

Recipe for red pepper wrap:
1/2 sliced red pepper
1/2 sliced onion

Saute in just a touch of olive oil until red pepper and onion are tender.

Add just a touch of your favorite barbecue sauce.

Sprinkle with garlic salt. Stir.

Remove from heat.

Place red pepper and onions on a slightly heated 9-inch spinach wrap. Drizzle with a little olive oil.

Fold ends over and serve.

Watch their eyes as they bite into one of the best tasting wraps they’ve ever had!

Life in a Bowl

March 9, 2012

Easy waking up, hard getting out of bed because I had an idea coming and I wanted to just lie there and capture it… by the time I got up it was fully formed and I was juiced to the max as I thought about facilitating a workshop in my home to teach a class called, “How to Eat Alkaline in An Acid World.” I barely remember my work-out as I was thinking of and writing down ideas for the class. I know I did the work-out, but my mind was all over the board capturing ideas as they flew into my mind. And I guess that’s all I have to say about my work-out today! Plus I haven’t had a single bite of cheese for four days and I thought of all things, that is the one I would crave the most, but nada, that craving appears to have been stilled.

Side Note: Later in the day… You know, I have to make mention that this eating green is really pretty awesome. I have known about this for years, but for whatever reason (I can’t think of any good reasons right now to side track you with…) I didn’t do it. I didn’t buy the green veggies and blend them up in my Vita Mix (even though I’ve owned it for about eight years now) and I didn’t super-hydrate with tons of ‘green-looking water’. I guess, because I thought I was ‘beyond that’ somehow, that I was okay. And you know what? For the most part I was okay, but now… I am better than okay, and that is the part that has always eluded me. Being better than okay. So how about that? :o )

March 8, 2012

Again, a slow, delayed roll out of bed. I sure can be stubborn (or maybe it’s just being lazy) but I finally got up. I immediately realized what the problem was. I am already getting bored with my work-out routine. I remember when I took my certification to become an aerobics instructor the professor said, “Eight is the limit to how many times you can teach a routine before students start to become bored.” I guess she was right! So I took the first section of my routine outside (except for the first five minutes of special breathing – my lungs haven’t adapted to the cold and wind yet) and that was all I needed. I felt revived walking out in the wind. The rest of the routine went smoothly.

Notes: Last night before I went to bed I felt the bottom of my feet just tingling. I am wondering if they are already feeling softer. Can that possibly be? So quick?

March 7, 2012

A little slow rolling out of bed today. I guess all the energy I had got left by the wayside last night. I was pooped, but then, I really did do a lot yesterday. Made some good progress on the alkaline cleansing thing. Today I decided to re-set the timer for 15 minutes between the aerobic set, strengthening set and the stretching set. That way I don’t have to keep looking at the timer to see how close to done with the set I am. It worked out very well. I also found myself thinking about making a luscious soup for supper tonight. How odd! I am not a soup person (or at least haven’t been very soup-oriented in the past). I was also introduced to the term Exercisus Interruptus? by my husband, but alas, the poor boy would just have to wait until I was done with my work-out! :o )

Notes: I have no desire to weigh-in or check measurements. I have it in my mind I will check again in a month which is so unlike me. I am usually a fanatic about that, but this time I prefer to focus on other things. I also noticed after the first day of my cleanse, my sweat had an unusually strong odor. Toxins releasing? Probably. I also tested my alkalinity. Tongue 6.4. Urine 5.5 – I would say I need some alkalizing. Here is my recipe for today’s green drink:

8 cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 stalk celery, 1 c. sliced zucchini, 1/2 orange bell pepper, 1/4 t. salt, 1/4 t. baking soda, 2 t. wheat grass powder. (PS: I did not add peroxide  because when I checked the pH of peroxide it wasn’t what I thought it was. If I would have remembered right it was baking soda I wanted to use, not peroxide. Baking soda is very alkaline, so today I made the switch. If you use baking soda, be sure to purchase the kind that doesn’t have aluminum in it. Rumford makes a wonderful aluminum free baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon is enough to help alkalize your system.)

I also came up with the idea (while I was exercising I’m proud to say – I love it when ideas come when I’m working out) to add Espom Salt and baking soda (both very alkaline) to a dish pan of water in the shower and place my feet in the water to see if that will help soften my dry cracked heels. Here is my theory. Dry and cracked = hot = acidic while baking soda and Epsom salt = soft and alkaline. I will let you know how this plays out.

3/6/12 Me – near the beginning of my journey.

 March 6, 2012

Today was easy and my mind was busy! The work-out went SO fast! My mind was going a hundred miles an hour and I had a legal pad and pencil and was writing down ideas as fast as I could without interrupting my stride. I didn’t listen to any music or even a motivational tape. My mind was on fire!

Notes: It appears I’m unable to listen to music or motivational tapes while doing the special breathing (4 breaths in through the nose – 4 breaths out through the mouth). Maybe it’s kind of like trying to chew gum and walk at the same time!

I also added in a little mantra to do while I was stepping up and down on the bench or lifting weights or doing stretches. They went something like this: My body burns fat easily. I build muscle easily.My body stretches easily. I just repeated that over and over.

Also, I started an alkalizing cleanse today. Here is my recipe for the day.

64 oz. of water made into a green drink – 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide – 1/2 cucumber – 8 small red tomatoes – 1/2 zucchini – 2 stalks of celery. (drink through out the day)

32 oz. of regular water (drink through out the day)

16 oz. homemade almond milk (drink at 3 pm)

1 large salad made of lettuce, celery and red peppers with garlic salt, 1/2 lime squeezed over salad, and drizzle olive oil to taste (eat at 5 pm)

I must say, when I drank the green drink, water, almond milk and ate the salad I felt as energized as Magda in the movie Something About Mary  when she was vacuuming. As the toxins began releasing, I noticed I was starting to get a headache around 4 pm. It wasn’t intense, but definitely some throbbing going on in there! No coffee for over a week and a half. I drank the last beer in the fridge last night and gave Butch strict orders to not buy anymore beer or wine! (I used to kind of really like those things!) :o )

March 5, 2012

I was tested to the max today. I just was not able to fit a 45 minute exercise routine into my morning, so I decided to wait and see what kind of opening the day would bring. (This I chose instead of becoming upset or stressed less I create an acidic emotional environment.) And I was able to fit in my work-out while waiting for Butch (who was on his way via snowmobile) at Stateline. It was interesting working-out to my MP3 player (which I didn’t know had a radio but I discovered that yesterday!) wearing my snowmobile jacket, Yooper cap and boots. I must say, the weight of the boots did add a level of intensity to my leg lifts! It was a good thing!

March 4, 2012

Today was a challenge. I did 15 minutes of aerobic activity by walking against the wind up at Phoenix. I had to cover my ears the wind was blowing so hard! It was 3 degrees! Then I went in the house and put a piece of carpet down on the wood floor and continued with my strength training, which went very well and finished with my stretches. It is very different doing my exercises in the house at Phoenix than it is at home.

Path I shoveled all the way from the road to the house up at Phoenix!

March 3, 2012

Today I took a detour from my normal routine because we weren’t home, we were at Stateline and the rules have changed. I did get my work-out done, but later in the day. And I found that when it is cold, it is a little more difficult to do the special breathing when the air is cold!

It turned out I got even more of a work because I had to shovel a path from the truck (which was parked out by the road) to the front door. (See photo) I was wiped out, but glad that I had the energy and strength to shovel a path that far (as long as I didn’t raise my right arm above my chest it didn’t seem to bother my ‘dislocated’ shoulder.)

March 2, 2012

Today it was harder to get up. I hit the snooze button 3 times, but the snooze time on my cell phone is shorter than on my alarm clock (Would you like any other excuses? I am very good at them…) But once I got up and got moving it was okay. I found that I wanted to ‘diddle’ around doing nonconstructive things. I had to dig deep to find that voice that would interrupt my current pattern. It came in the voice of, “Just do five minutes of stepping on the bench while doing the special breathing.” By the time I took the first step I was already feeling the energy come up from the ground. By the tenth step, I was revved. So that’s all it took, just one step to get started? (Hmm, where have I heard THAT before?)

Once I got to the strengthening segment of my work-out I was really in the zone, and I went over my loosely allotted time of 15 minutes and only left myself 9 minutes to stretch, but that was okay. I guess it was something my body thought I needed. I also realized that by doing the special breathing technique I don’t seem to be experiencing my Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA). It is something that has troubled me for years because once I started exercising I often couldn’t catch my breath and I would have to stop and bend over and wait until a big breath would come and I could continue on. The special breathing, 4 times in through the nose and 4 times out through the mouth) seemed to alleviate that, not all the way, but to the point where I didn’t have to stop. Who knew?

Vegetable sandwich ( I know it’s on a white bun – but I have to start somewhere!) made of sauteed onions, carrots, peppers, broccoli, fresh cucumber and 1/2 T. of barbecue sauce.

March 1, 2012

Did you ever hear the phrase, “Some people are slow?” Well, that would be me. I didn’t like what was playing on my alarm clock radio when I woke up so I decided to use my cell phone alarm instead. The only thing was, I have my clock radio set 25 minutes ahead of time so when I use my cell phone, yep, you guessed it, I was 25 minutes later getting up than the last three days. (No wonder I said to Butch, “Gee, it’s awfully light outside for this time of day!” Duh!) Anyway, it all worked out for the best, in the end. Today I felt like doing a longer set on the mini-trampoline (I have had this thing since 1983 – it was a gift from my mother for my 23rd birthday! And it still works… IF you use it!) Plus, I was able to fix Butch some breakfast in plenty of time to get myself ready for work. I am really liking this early morning exercise thing.

Today, I decided to see if I could add in some good-for-me food and I made a vegetable sandwich that adhered to the guidelines of food combining. It was delicious and filling!

February 29, 2012 (leap day!)

Today was a little tougher getting out of bed, but I did it. I am finding that I do not like the music that comes on the radio at the time I have set my alarm. I will either have to find a different station or think of something else, because it seems so annoying to me what the radio announcer decides to do on the radio at 6:15 am every morning. Unless I try a variation of the time and maybe I can actually get some music instead of him talking. (Do I detect a little sarcasm here? Am I getting testy in my old age?) But the work-out went well. I’m having a bit of an issue with my shoulder and may have to visit the chiropractor again. My shoulder seems to be popping in and out during the day, which he told me to expect until the muscle got strong enough to hold it in place.

Another thing that is happening… I put on a pair of pants that were a tad too small, ones that wouldn’t quite button (I had added an elastic extension to the waistband so I could at least button them and they wouldn’t fall down around my hips) and they slid easily over my hips and BUTTONED! Hmmm… and this after only three days of adding 45 minutes of exercise? Now why didn’t I do this before if it was so easy? It’s true. It’s the things we don’t know.

I have also found that I tremendously enjoy listening to motivational tapes while I am exercising. I feel as though I am accomplishing two things at once, creating a new body while creating a new mind set.

This new exercise thing is a very good thing. I am still revved up about this. I am juiced! (Did you know my initials almost spell out juice – JCE – and I used to have another blog titled The JUICE Report?) This is no coincidence. This was MEANT TO BE!

February 28, 2012

A repeat of yesterday with a few additional notes. I am thinking there must be something very amorous about a woman breathing in through her nose and out through her mouth as it drew my husband to my little work-out area. It caused him to stand behind me and make romantic noises, but still, I remained dedicated to my new routine. He would just have to wait. (I know, that’s probably a little more information than was necessary, but I am also dedicated to the truth).

I was amazed that I was still ‘revved.’ I found that today I wanted to do more of an interval training where you move to a different work-out station (kind of like the routine in Curves) which I had learned about 25 years ago from a trainer I worked with in Wisconsin Rapids. It can really break up the monotony of what can be a boring routine. It is easy to set up a different work-out station by utilizing things you may have already have on hand. I happen to have a rebounder, stair steps, and step benches of different heights. I decided to do two minutes at each different station. It really makes the time go fast. At the end today, during what I have come to call my random stretch, I found I became aware of energy around me, the kind of energy they speak of in Qi Gong and Tai Chi. It was a rather wonderful feeling, and I gathered it to the top of my head, my throat, my heart, my solar plexus, and an ample amount to my pelvic area (being a menopausal woman I decided it was necessary to gather as much energy as I could to the area south of my belly button as it was needing all the help it could get) and when my timer went off to end my 15 minute stretching session, I wasn’t done!

Now that was a first. I’d just done a 45 minute work-out and I still felt I wanted more, and this upon the fact that two days ago I wasn’t sure I could even complete a 15 minute work-out! For me, this was huge. I am juiced! It also felt good, very good, to have completed my work-out, take a shower and get dressed for the day, all before 7:30am!

February 27, 2012 (later in the day)

I must say, this thing about exercising early in the morning, there is something to be said about it. I had everything I needed to have done before 7:00 am, including a shower. Most of the time I am rushing around trying to get my hair dry after my shower before the client shows up at the door. The day went smoothly, even though I had a lot of things to do (it being a Monday and all, you know how Mondays can be!). I found myself relaxed in a way I hadn’t anticipated. I think I am subconsciously adding an element of ‘pleasure’ to this work-out thing, where before, working-out involved a level of pain and hesitation (Oh, do I have to…?) I wasn’t previously aware of. And just so you know… I am still revved!

February 27, 2012

Last night I decided it was time to change things up a bit – a bit? A lot! This wasn’t just about getting motivated to lose a few pounds, this was about getting inspired to change my life. I decided I was tired, tired? – no – I was absolutely disgusted, with this yo-yo diet thing. For the last two years I had kept the weight off, and then around Halloween of last year, it started to creep back on and by Christmas I had gained back all the weight I had lost. I couldn’t figure out what happened (like I really didn’t think all those apple-crisps with a scoop or two of ice cream or the Bailey’s I had started drinking after supper was going to make a difference? – I knew, I had just somehow stopped caring…). And here I was, overweight, again.

I kept thinking someone hid my motivation. Under the bed? In the trunk of my car? In another state? And that was it… another state. A state of mind. Where had that state of mind gone, the one filled with resolve and dedication? I decided to see if I could find that state of mind, once again, and put everything I knew into action, not only to lose weight, but to keep it off. For good this time.

So I decided to develop a master plan, not the kind of plan that I’d tried before, one where I pushed some of the buttons but not all of the buttons involved to create lasting success. Here is what I thought I knew. I could diet, but it seemed when I did that, I couldn’t exercise. I could exercise, but it seemed when I did that, I couldn’t keep my eating under control. I realized I had excuses to cover everything.

Here are a few of my favorite excuses regarding exercise:

  • I’m hypoglycemic. It’s hard for someone who is hypoglycemic to lose weight. We have issues other people don’t have.
  • I don’t have time to exercise.
  • I’m too tired to exercise.
  • I don’t like anyone looking at me when I exercise.
  • I can’t exercise when I’m away from home, and we are gone almost every other weekend.
  • I have to lose some weight before I can start to exercise.
  • I can’t exercise in the morning because my husband is watching the news (we have one TV). I don’t like the news.
  • I can’t walk early in the morning because it’s dark outside (but only for part of the year!)
  • We don’t have a treadmill, and plus, I don’t like them anyway. I prefer nature.
  • I might hurt myself if I exercise, and then what will I do? I won’t be able to exercise anymore.
  • I don’t have an exercise buddy.
  • Even if I exercise, it won’t make a difference anyway.

And my all time favorite:

  • If I get too fit, I might be pretty, and if I’m pretty no one will like me, because we all know how people treat someone who is TOO pretty.

Of course there are more excuses and justifications, and I won’t bore you with them now, but they will come up later, as I have decided that this time, I am in this for the long haul, and I am willing to explore every emotion that comes to the surface as I reclaim my motivation and inspiration to live a healthier life.

Here is a simple version of the new-never-before-tried master plan I came up with before I went to bed last night after I studied my list of excuses and decided none of them were true or at least all the way true. They were just that – excuses and justifications for unhealthy behavior.

My Plan:

I will set my alarm for 6:15 am (1 hour earlier than I usually get up – I am not a fan of alarm clocks). I will work-out for 45 minutes (in a row) and I will break down my work-out into 15 minute segments. 15 minutes of aerobic activity followed by 15 minutes of strength training followed by 15 minutes of stretching and cool down. That sounded easy enough. I taught aerobics for 13 years (and never lost a pound – though I did get toned – just so you know) so I should know about this. I won’t need an exercise buddy as long as I can keep connected via the internet via my blog (who better to hold me accountable than the WHOLE WORLD – if only they would follow my blog… but anyway…) I have learned to use an MP3 Player (with headphones – I don’t like those little in-the-ear-thingys) so I won’t be interrupting anything my husband might be doing in the morning. I have a step bench so I don’t need a treadmill and I don’t absolutely have to go outside and walk to get aerobic exercise. I have a full set of hand weights. I have exercise bands. (I even have a Suzanne Sommers thigh master!) I had learned a new technique for breathing in a Qi Gong class that included four quick breaths in and four quick breaths out. I found out in class I really felt good with this kind of breathing. I thought, “This exercise thing doesn’t have to be so hard.” As you can see by the above photo, my complicated exercise kit would fit into a shoe box! I have a timer so I can break down the routine into 15 minutes segments very easily. I have an alarm clock (and a cell phone with an alarm clock for those days when I’m away from home – technology can be used to my advantage here!) I went to bed all set to go. I was revved!

Here is how it went:

Alarm goes off at 6:15 am. I immediately hit snooze so I have nine minutes to think over this new thing I have decided to do. I have nine minutes to convince myself that maybe, just maybe, last night I was wrong. But no, not this time, a little voice shouted inside my sleepy head. Get up! Put your feet on the floor BEFORE the snooze button goes off. Do it now! And somehow I listened. I sat up, rubbed my eyes in the dark room and put both feet on the floor. I canceled the alarm and stood up, went to pee and then brush my teeth. I came back and stood in front of my little step bench (4 inches high – but it’s a start…) and I stepped up and down while breathing in four times through my nose and out four times through my mouth. I decided right then and there to do this for five minutes straight as part of my aerobic warm-up. After five minutes, I was revved. But oops, I forgot the holder for my MP3 player (yes, I could have just tucked theMP3 playerg down my shorts but then it would get all sweaty – ewww!) So I went downstairs to get the clip-on MP3 holder. I turned on my MP3 player and started listening to a motivational tape and kept stepping up and down on my step bench for another ten minutes, starting with the right foot for one minute and then the left foot for one minute and alternating thereafter. Before I knew it, I had literally eaten up 15 minutes of exercise.

Now it was time to grab the hand weights. But oops, I forgot my weights, which were downstairs. I went downstairs and got them. I did alternate lifts, when I realized part of this wasn’t going to work. You see, last Tuesday I had dislocated my right shoulder (how I forgot about that when I was revving myself to get motivated to exercise last night I don’t know, but I did, I forgot) so here I was faced with another dilemma. Hmm… what to do… stop so I don’t hurt myself (after all that IS one of favorite excuses) or keep going? I decided to keep going. I would do some stomach crunches in a chair (I learned about these from a German fitness trainer in Ocho Rios, Jamaica) and crunched my MP3 player so it wouldn’t play. Hmm… another dilemma (had I really thought this through?) I had to readjust, but I didn’t let that stop me. I got the MP3 player going, and continued the strength training part of my work-out. I got down on the floor to do some leg lifts, and found the left side was fine, but my right arm, in its current dislocated-ness, wouldn’t cooperate in that position on the floor, and now I feared I would be lop-sided Hmm.. another dilemma. I repositioned my arm and felt something pop. I sat up. My arm felt great. I must have popped my shoulder back in place (the chiropractor said to be careful with it as it might pop in and out for a while until the pulled muscles in that area were strong enough to, once again, hold it place) (PS: I am not recommending that you start a work-out routine if you have a dislocated shoulder, but I am recommending that you don’t give up when you’ve finally set your mind to something, that if there’s a will there’s a way, to use an old cliché’ – one, that by the way, is true.) So I continued my work-out and went fluently into my stretching routine and continued doing random stretches for 15 minutes.

It was a wonderful little work-out. It didn’t even matter that my husband had to step over me (I was lying in the hallway doing my stretches against the open wall) to get to the bathroom. Nothing was going to stop me, and nothing did stop me. I felt great after having completed a 45 minute work-out. Two days before, I couldn’t imagine doing even a 15 minute work-out. I looked back over my list of excuses and found that in my one exercise session, I had proven almost every single excuse as ‘not true.’

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