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Constantly Under Construction – Phase I

Change can explode from deep within to change your life for the better.

A life altering class? For who? Me? How about Renewable Me? That’s what’s going on. Right now, today, I am re-thinking things and I have found that I am the only one in my class. (How special is that?) 🙂 I am finding a new track. I have been in a slump after what I thought was going to be the end of all that old stuff, but all I did was repeat the pattern. So it’s the pattern that needs revision? Okay, I’ll revise the pattern. Always I get all gung-ho and I make these amazing changes and I am pumped like I’ve never been pumped before, and then it starts to settle. I start to settle. I start to sabotage myself. I start to slip down the slippery slope, back slide, give in, give up. And I stand there and wonder where all my gung-ho-ness went. But now I can see where the pattern can be altered. Now I can see one of the things I have to do. I have to take all my current successes and apply them to the new Renewable Me. I can focus on the good things that have occurred since I began my dedicated to health journey.

What are some of the good things? I have given up coffee. Who knew I could do that? Who knew it would be easy? I have re-discovered the power of green drinks. I’ve known about them for years, but I put their power aside in lieu of other things that I thought were more important. (More important than my body, my temple?)

I have discovered my love for self-help, for helping others, for the human body in all of its magnificence. (I’m a massage therapist, how could I not know that? Where was it hiding? Under my bed, in the trunk of my car, in another state? – And there hides the answer, in words. It has been hidden in another state, another state of mind. And I know I have control over my state of mind!) Anyway… I am back on track and am using tools that previously brought me success, only now I will add a twist, and by that I mean I will pair my current successes with past successes and will see where this NEW success leads. I’m so excited…

Here is the new plan: To combine Carb Addict’s techniques with alkalizing techniques. I have discovered a new way of cooking, soups, snacks, and salads, but nothing that resembles a main meal. I have discovered I really do miss my main meal. I miss cheese (it makes me so sad not to have it! And isn’t that acidic, to be so sad about something?) I miss wine, and beer and ice cream. Only now, I have new insights. Instead of the 60 minute time allotment, I will use my 20 minute time allotment. There is no reason why I can’t develop a plan from all these plans that will work for me, my lifestyle, my likes, my happiness.

I had to also ask myself these questions and answer them honestly: Do I like the taste of coffee better than I like the way coffee makes me feels and what it eventually does to me or is it the other way around? The truth is I do love the taste of coffee, but I do not like what it eventually does to me, it gets me in this cycle that seems so hard for me to break, it’s almost like it has a hold on me that I can’t break free of, and as soon as I step over that line, it has me. I don’t necessarily like that so much.

And for lunch today I had: Wine, Green Bean and Broccoli Soup, Ezekiel bread – toasted with butter, a salad with baked chicken and Italian Salad, and Cayenne Baked Sweet Potatoes.

I am SO Full. I set the timer for 20 minutes and didn’t eat after the buzzer went off. I think I’m really going to like this new way of eating. THIS is WHAT I’ve always WANTED to do! (Can it be true, that I’ve finally found all the puzzle pieces and put them together so they actually fit MY life?) 🙂

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