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Way too cool…

I have been practicing this tapping stuff. It is way too cool. I also saw a clip on the tapping site where one professor was using the TAT holding points. I know I’m on the right track, and most of all I know that because this tapping stuff involves writing scripts that match moments in our lives, and I LOVE doing that. It covers two areas that are of great interest to me, things that I never seem to get bored of doing, and also two things that I always seem to come back to, no matter how far off the path I stray…studying human behavior, why we do what we do, and how we interpret it, and writing, and this form of writing involves scripts, the way we use self-talk to convince ourselves of things!


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So What’s Your Story?

Yesterday I started looking at my life, really looking at it. Sometimes I don’t want to look at what people might label as the bad stuff, the hard stuff, the complicated dysfunctional stuff. And they don’t want to imagine it being the opposite, and by opposite I mean, good stuff, easy stuff, not complicated, not dysfunctional. They also don’t want to look at where it started or how it started and why we decide to keep it, and if we keep it, where do we store it? The place we store it in is ‘stories.’ The stories we tell ourselves. And then we learn to protect those stories depending upon how they have served us. So, to help break the pattern of the story we continue to tell ourselves, we must identify its origin and where it is stored in our mind and body. A certain feelingFiction Stacks, a certain physical pain can bring to the forefront our particular story. If we accept the origin and the storage place, we begin the process of breaking the pattern of a story that no longer serves us.


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The Nunly Ruler

Are the rules you’ve created for your life working for you or against you?

Last night I sat down and had a long conversation with myself.  Things in my life have been going good, not great, but good and the reason I say this is because of this pending lawsuit from the hospital for medical bills I’ve been making payments on. I’ve called an attorney and am waiting for her to call back, and no matter what I do I can’t seem to still my mind. My mind keeps wanting to rehearse my story and it is very frustrating. I keep examining things I might say in my defense and of things they might say to attack me. I roll words over and over in my mind and since I don’t have enough information (yet) I have no resolution and my mind goes right back to the examining table, back to a scene I create in my mind of the courtroom. This also made me think of all the rules I have in my life. I was stunned at the rules I have just for eating alone! I have rules about what to eat, when to eat, why I eat, how to eat, with whom to eat, whether to drink when I eat, how long it should take to eat a meal, how many hours I can eat something before I go to bed, how cold or hot things should be when I eat them, how I should cook what I eat… the rules appear endless, and this goes on every day of my life, at every meal of my life, every snack. I decided last night that I have too many rules and I sat down and meditated for 15 minutes to see if an answer would come to me that could rectify my ‘rule’ situation. This is what came to me:

I will follow two rules:

I will drink 64 oz. of Heavenly Swamp Water every day to help alkalize my system because I believe alkalizing can prevent many diseases and this is very important to me.

If I don’t know what to do or how to do something I will ask for a way.

That’s it. That’s the extent of the rules I will follow.

This morning when I found my mind wandering to courtroom and attorney scenarios and I said to my mind, “Stop. You still don’t have enough information to make an informed decision so stop thinking about it. As soon as you have the information you can decide what to do or decide you need more information.”

And when it came to eating, I chose something to eat, drank my green water and said, “This I do for my body because I love it so much!” And when it came to repeating the courtroom scenario in my mind and said stop it, I also added, “I will stop thinking this way. This I do for my soul because I love it so much.” What a difference this one little statement made in how I felt and in my perception of things.

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magnifying glass

What’s really there?

I have noticed that I prefer to report what I want to happen versus what really happens. When I think about it, I have been doing this for a very long time. It’s as though, if I don’t look at what’s happening it’s not happening.


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Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation


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Your Personal Blueprint


Blueprint (Photo credit: alexharries)

Today I recognized the importance of identifying what makes up your blueprint and why it is so important to match your blueprint while you go about the business of living your life.

I realized I have been trying to match what I thought my mother thought my blueprint should be. In essence, also, I have been trying to match what I believe HER blueprint is.

What a revelation this has been for me! No wonder I can only go so long before failure starts to show up at my door. I’m not living truthfully, not living in touch with my blueprint.

So I am going to be more aware of my blueprint, doing what makes me happy, what brings me joy – and in my blueprint (sorry Tony!) it doesn’t say you have to live on green stuff – but I do believe green stuff is important but not exclusive to a diet.

I believe a diet consists of more than tangible food, it includes ethereal food (feelings) for the soul.

I happen to love coffee but hate the see/saw feeling I get from wanting what I love and believing what I love will eventually hurt me.

I can see the difference between those who live by and love satisfying their blueprint and those who fight it because of rules they’ve picked up along the way, rules they’ve bought into that go against the grain of their blueprint. Living to match your blueprint is what the Secret is all about!

PS: If you check out Phase I of my journey you will see the start of my trouble with my blueprint. The inconsistency is stepping in and I am vacillating between what is written in my blueprint (my personal belief system) and what I think my mother would want me to do, what I think should be the best choice regarding my health versus my happiness. Today I am leaning toward believing the happier I am, the healthier I will be! (MPBS=My Personal Belief System)

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