So What’s Your Story?

08 May

Yesterday I started looking at my life, really looking at it. Sometimes I don’t want to look at what people might label as the bad stuff, the hard stuff, the complicated dysfunctional stuff. And they don’t want to imagine it being the opposite, and by opposite I mean, good stuff, easy stuff, not complicated, not dysfunctional. They also don’t want to look at where it started or how it started and why we decide to keep it, and if we keep it, where do we store it? The place we store it in is ‘stories.’ The stories we tell ourselves. And then we learn to protect those stories depending upon how they have served us. So, to help break the pattern of the story we continue to tell ourselves, we must identify its origin and where it is stored in our mind and body. A certain feelingFiction Stacks, a certain physical pain can bring to the forefront our particular story. If we accept the origin and the storage place, we begin the process of breaking the pattern of a story that no longer serves us.


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