The Key

14 Sep

My key to lasting success.

I think I may have found the key to my weight loss. I have been on this plan for about a week now. It is SO easy. I can have anything I want. I have been having coffee with cream in it in the mornings. Then I have a nice easy breakfast, and I can make my breakfast work in almost any situation. Lunch is the same, though without the coffee. I don’t feel tired or dragged out during the day. And I love what I’m eating. It is filling and tasty. And then there is supper. Tonight I could not eat everything I put on my plate. That is so amazing to me. I had to put part of it in the fridge because I was too full, and I remember thinking, “So this is what other people experience when there body has had enough.”

I don’t eat until I’m ready to burst. I can have desserts. I can have foods I love, real foods, not plastic-like or what I call ‘fake’ food. There is butter, cream, beer, wine, cheese, potatoes, meat, veggies, salad with dressing that I love. I’ve been experimenting with different recipes. I have been adding good-for-me omega-3s. I have been adding coconut oil. I have been making my own chocolate, with coconut, ground flax seeds, and almonds. It is absolutely delicious. I have been having a small cup of coffee with supper and my energy after dinner is so much better than previously. I have a clear state of mind. I have good focus. I have been getting some house cleaning done. I have been getting bookwork done. And I am not craving ice cream, though I can have it if I want it, it’s just that I haven’t been wanting it and there is pail of it in the downstairs freezer.

I have been growing my own wheat grass, blending it, straining it, and freezing it so I can have my one shot a day. The first shot I took, I felt something like an electrical pulse rush through my body. I can’t ever remember feeling something like that before. It just had to be good for me!

I have come to terms with the fear of ‘too much fat’ in that even though what I’ve been eating has fat, I know that my body can handle it, and it can handle it better when I don’t drown everything in sugar. And compared to what I was eating ‘non-consciously’ before, it has to be a lot less fat now than I was eating before, it’s just that now I’m aware of the fat I’m eating, and before I just had no clue when I was eating non-stop. I haven’t had hardly any gluten (except for pizza last night at poetry night) and I’m convinced now that that was part of my hiatl hernia problem. It is so much better. I feel better. The weight is coming off slowly and I know if I keep this up, I will experience the kind of success I have always dreamed about when it comes to weight loss.

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