Determine Your Metabolism Type

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Each person is unique. Do you know what foods to eat that are compatible with your metabolism type?

Label a piece of paper from 1 to 26 and write down whether you choose answer A or B to complete the statement.

1. I have more energy if I eat something like the following:  

 A. steak, eggs, sausage or bacon.                                          

B. cereal, fruit, juice or toast.

2. I like it best when

A. the weather is cold.

B. the weather is hot.

3. When I wake up I

A. am more than ready to eat something.

B. don’t even think about eating.

4. At the end of the day

A. I’m ready to eat something substantial.

B. I am not really hungry but will eat if others eat.

5. If I’m craving something it would probably be something like

A. cheese, salted nuts, some kind of chips.

B. cereal, bread or crackers.

6. If someone serves dessert

A. I would hope it is something with cheese or creamy.

B. if I could do what I wanted I wouldn’t turn it down if it is something really sweet.

7. It would take a supper of

A. a good piece of red meat and vegetables to make me feel satisfied and full.

B. grilled chicken, vegetables and rice to make me feel satisfied.

8. I wake up feeling refreshed

A.if I skip sweets at night before going to bed.

B. eat something sweet before going to bed.

9.I would describe my character as someone who

A. lives to eat; it’s a big part of my life.

B.often forgets about food altogether.

10. If I eat any kind of fruit with cottage cheese at midday I feel

A.hungry right after; sometimes I feel like I could go to sleep.

B.I wouldn’t even have to eat anything else for the rest of the day.

11. I would describe my character as

A. being a very social person.

B. someone who likes to be alone more than I like to be with others.

12. I feel more revived in the afternoon if I eat

A. nuts and cheese.

B. things that are sweets.

13. When I am out of sorts

A. eating creamy, rich, meaty, salty food makes me feel like myself again

B. eating fruit or veggies makes me feel like myself again.

14. If I could eat whatever I wanted I would choose something

A. creamy and meaty with higher amounts of fat.

B. light, such as chicken or fish with veggies as long as I could have a nice dessert too.

15. When I drink caffeine I feel

A. shaky, nervous or hungry.

B. fine; if I don’t over-do it.

16. After being awake for a couple of hours I

A. feel more than ready to eat something.

B. am not really hungry but would eat if I think of it.

17. My focus and thinking improves after eating

A. higher fat foods and meat.

B. something light such as fruit, vegetables or toast.

18. If I eat something sweet

A. it doesn’t take very long and I feel more tired than revived.

B. I feel revived.

19. If I could have any dessert I wanted I would choose

A. something cheesy and creamy.

B. pie, cake or candy.

20. Sleep is more restful for me if my supper includes

A. a lot of protein.

B. something light, such as toast or grains.

21. As the day unfolds I feel better if I eat

A. more often, having small meals and more snacks.

B. a few big meals – I can go a long time without eating anything.

22. If I don’t eat I feel

A. cranky, fatigued or sad.

B. no different than I usually do.

23. As the day unfolds, I feel hungry

A. almost constantly, as though I can’t get enough and I always need more.

B. occasionally, but I don’t really think of food.

24. When it comes to salty foods,

I A. love them!

B. I don’t like them.

25. After a work-out I prefer

A. something that includes protein.

B. something sweet and quick.

26. If I’m honest right now –

A. I love myself!

B. I love myself.


More than 13 (A) answers = a Protein metabolism.

More than 13 (B) answers = a Carb Metabolism.

13 (A) answers and 13 (B) answers = a Mixed Metabolism


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