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I know you think I should be there for you as a friend, but in my reality, I really thought you might be here for me.


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I just had an insight. The reason none of my theories were working for me because the core thought, my basis, was not genuine. I wanted to use the idea to help other people and make some money while I was helping them. Actually, in my book, based on my philosophy and morals, that leads to exploitation. I needed to become more genuine in my reason to help and that is why anything I have ever tried has not worked. This time it’s about being healthy just for me so I can be healthy instead of fighting with this stomach stuff, fighting with the weight loss. Happiness and being genuine are my new goals. I have gained leverage. ‘I don’t want to be sick like this anymore.” I am changing the pattern. “The pattern is doing well for a while and then falling back into the hole again.” I am reconstructing myself, including and especially my thinking. “I am going to walk down a different street.”

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The Key

My key to lasting success.

I think I may have found the key to my weight loss. I have been on this plan for about a week now. It is SO easy. I can have anything I want. I have been having coffee with cream in it in the mornings. Then I have a nice easy breakfast, and I can make my breakfast work in almost any situation. Lunch is the same, though without the coffee. I don’t feel tired or dragged out during the day. And I love what I’m eating. It is filling and tasty. And then there is supper. Tonight I could not eat everything I put on my plate. That is so amazing to me. I had to put part of it in the fridge because I was too full, and I remember thinking, “So this is what other people experience when there body has had enough.”

I don’t eat until I’m ready to burst. I can have desserts. I can have foods I love, real foods, not plastic-like or what I call ‘fake’ food. There is butter, cream, beer, wine, cheese, potatoes, meat, veggies, salad with dressing that I love. I’ve been experimenting with different recipes. I have been adding good-for-me omega-3s. I have been adding coconut oil. I have been making my own chocolate, with coconut, ground flax seeds, and almonds. It is absolutely delicious. I have been having a small cup of coffee with supper and my energy after dinner is so much better than previously. I have a clear state of mind. I have good focus. I have been getting some house cleaning done. I have been getting bookwork done. And I am not craving ice cream, though I can have it if I want it, it’s just that I haven’t been wanting it and there is pail of it in the downstairs freezer.

I have been growing my own wheat grass, blending it, straining it, and freezing it so I can have my one shot a day. The first shot I took, I felt something like an electrical pulse rush through my body. I can’t ever remember feeling something like that before. It just had to be good for me!

I have come to terms with the fear of ‘too much fat’ in that even though what I’ve been eating has fat, I know that my body can handle it, and it can handle it better when I don’t drown everything in sugar. And compared to what I was eating ‘non-consciously’ before, it has to be a lot less fat now than I was eating before, it’s just that now I’m aware of the fat I’m eating, and before I just had no clue when I was eating non-stop. I haven’t had hardly any gluten (except for pizza last night at poetry night) and I’m convinced now that that was part of my hiatl hernia problem. It is so much better. I feel better. The weight is coming off slowly and I know if I keep this up, I will experience the kind of success I have always dreamed about when it comes to weight loss.

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Constantly Under Construction Eating Plan For Life

weight loss resort - Morning Beach Walk

weight loss resort – Morning Beach Walk (Photo credit: ninahale)

Bridge the gap between not being able to lose weight and losing weight.

Health Disclaimer

A commitment contract and what are they willing to commit to. Have them sign the contract, even if they do it in the comment section, where other people can read it.

If you start to feel tired, make sure you’re getting enough good salt. RealSalt is a favorite brand. To test if you are getting enough salt, pour some salt in the palm of your hand and lick it. If you can taste the salt, then you’re salt levels are probably fine. If you can’t taste the salt at all, your salt level is probably low. If it tastes very salty, your salt level is probably on the high side and you should cut back on salt consumption for awhile and look for another reason why you might be feeling tired such as low protein or possibly unbalanced food combinations.

When the weather is very hot, even if you’re not out in it or if you spent a lot of time working out, sitting in a hot tub, taking hot showers or if you’re a woman experiencing hot flashes, it might be a good idea to check your salt level more often.

Another reason you may become tired is that toxins are working their way out of your system and that can make you feel dragged down. Either that or you may be eating something that is causing your blood sugar to drop and your insulin to rise. Too much insulin in your system means there is not enough sugar and not enough sugar can cause your brain and body to feel fatigued.

Something happens to your mindset when you allow yourself to eat for you foods every two or three hours. It sets you up to believe first, that eating is okay to eat, and especially that it’s okay for you to eat, and second, you will start to say things like, “Wow, I can’t believe it’s time to eat already.” It’s exactly the opposite of starving yourself or making yourself go without. It begins to convince your subconscious that there’s enough, and that it’s safe, fun and okay to eat.

Use fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Choose organic if you can. Choose frozen foods over canned foods.

I’m working with visualization now, and came across this most amazing technique. It goes something like this: Imagine yourself (head and body) at your ideal weight, feeling good, looking good, confident and kind. Now imagine that image surrounded by the significant people in your life, anyone who makes a difference, (even if they’re dead and have been dead for years) anyone who makes a difference, especially when it comes to how you feel about your weight and how you think THEY feel about your weight. Now, which ones support you (be honest!). Give them an imaginary hug and send them on their way. Now, which one’s don’t support you? Do you know why? Can you imagine why? Could it be that how they feel about you and your weight is holding you back somehow? Can you imagine how? Can you confront them and talk to them honestly about how you feel about what they might be doing to you, even if they might be doing unconsciously? Think about this. It could be the turning point to your weight loss success.

I tried doing this for a week and you know what was holding me back? I could not for the life of me picture my head on a slim body! I tried and tried and the image just wouldn’t come. Finally one night, I succeeded and then pictured myself in the center of a circle of significant people, and all of sudden I shrunk, not weight-wise, but confidence-wise, so then I had to work on that. I finally got it, and it was amazing to me how my perception of what other people thought was affecting me. It was pretty amazing, and now will see where THIS take me.

Check out the info on this page if you have determined yourself to be someone with a protein metabolism. Make your food choices from the columns below. Keep in mind that the high-lighted items will allow you to be the most successful with your weight loss.

Food for thought: When you begin a diet your focus turns to learning this new thing, learning all about the diet and the foods, and portions, etc. Once you’ve learned pretty much all you need to know, the thing that begins to happen is all the old stuff that led to you becoming overweight begins to show up again, and it slowly drags you back into old patterns. It may feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re learning something new (it’s a lot like falling in love) but then, unless you’ve addressed the root or core issues, it will only be a matter of time before the weight begins to creep back on again. And thus, you enter the weight-loss/weight-gain roller coaster yo-yo ride. You can’t address old issues by covering them up and you often forget about the original issue in the wake of something new.

link to findings about coconut oil

Just so you know, if it isn’t on the food list, you probably shouldn’t be eating it!

What to eat:

How to exercise:

What to do if you get off track.

Give yourself three days to get old stuff out of your system. Give yourself three days to allow new ideas to enter your subconscious.

Choose foods that are filled with nutrients and vitamins for maximum health.

Dr. Mecola says:

A Safer Alternative: FOODS that Cause Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct

What if there were natural agents that induced cancer cell suicide, without the side effects of DCA? As it turns out, these agents DO exist—and you may already have some in your kitchen pantry or supplement cabinet. Here are a few21:

  • Co-Q10/Ubiquinol
  • Curcumin (the active agent in the spice turmeric)
  • Capsaicin (the compound that makes hot peppers hot)
  • Se-methylselenocysteine aka methylselenocysteine (found in garlic and broccoli)
  • Ellagic acid (from pomegranates and other fruits)

There are many all-natural cancer-prevention strategies, and research shows they may cut your risk in half. Consequently, by implementing multiple strategies, you can radically lower your risk of cancer as well as other chronic diseases.

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Way too cool…

I have been practicing this tapping stuff. It is way too cool. I also saw a clip on the tapping site where one professor was using the TAT holding points. I know I’m on the right track, and most of all I know that because this tapping stuff involves writing scripts that match moments in our lives, and I LOVE doing that. It covers two areas that are of great interest to me, things that I never seem to get bored of doing, and also two things that I always seem to come back to, no matter how far off the path I stray…studying human behavior, why we do what we do, and how we interpret it, and writing, and this form of writing involves scripts, the way we use self-talk to convince ourselves of things!


Cool emoticonCool emoticon (Photo credit: wstera2)

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So What’s Your Story?

Yesterday I started looking at my life, really looking at it. Sometimes I don’t want to look at what people might label as the bad stuff, the hard stuff, the complicated dysfunctional stuff. And they don’t want to imagine it being the opposite, and by opposite I mean, good stuff, easy stuff, not complicated, not dysfunctional. They also don’t want to look at where it started or how it started and why we decide to keep it, and if we keep it, where do we store it? The place we store it in is ‘stories.’ The stories we tell ourselves. And then we learn to protect those stories depending upon how they have served us. So, to help break the pattern of the story we continue to tell ourselves, we must identify its origin and where it is stored in our mind and body. A certain feelingFiction Stacks, a certain physical pain can bring to the forefront our particular story. If we accept the origin and the storage place, we begin the process of breaking the pattern of a story that no longer serves us.


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